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Alano is the brand of Chengshi Jewelry Group, a jewelry retail chain shop, specializing in natural precious stones ‘s designation, developing and retail. Put Peridot, Diamond, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, tourmaline, Chrome Diopside, Pigeon blood as the main stone, diamond as the side stone, platinum and Karat gold is the Mounting, accept High-end customization orders.


Own quality mine resourses, there is a high level jewelry expert workterm of designation, carving and setting in Shenzhen city and Hongkong .  The designers of Alano, striving to create the uniqueness of each jewelry product, its style continues peridot’s good moral, combines classic and fashion design idea, and Chinese tradition ‘s essention parts.


No matter European-style’s gorgeous and luxurious, or Chinese style’s elegant and classic, both present high grade design ability and strength research and development, since faced to the market, deeply appreciated by middle and upper classes, it is of great collection value.

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