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The maintenance of Peridot

Peridot stone is relatively brittle, such as sudden heat will rupture, toughness is relatively poor, if the package is not good, then the collision in transit will be damaged. In the processing of jewelry, should pay attention not to work in under the torch. Besides, olivine is also afraid of acid corrosion. Be careful when you change the stone. An experienced worker who, when dealing with Peridot jewelry, carefully removed the stone from the tire and began to work.          
Peridot is not allowed to be washed in acid solution. Some chemicals in the solution will damage its surface, and then heating will cause the entire rock to be destroyed. The best way to clean Peridot is to use a brush and scrub it gently with soapy water. Cleaning olivine with steam is not a good idea, nor does olivine fit to clean in an ultrasonic cleaner.         
  he is prone to scratches, and the bulk stones should be wrapped individually in a paper bag, such as a piece, which will inevitably collide with each other.           Daily tips: olivine and red, sapphire as precious, your daily care can maintain its glory forever. In so doing housework or other physical labor, it is recommended that you will Peridot jewelry off, to prevent accidental collision damage; in your day-to-day maintenance of your time, should first apply cosmetics, lotions, hair gel or other cosmetics, and then wear jewelry; wearing jewelry should avoid contact with household chemicals; avoid jewelry long time exposure to the sun, the sun may make it fade; in addition, the temperature changes may also lead to crack stones.           Cleaning: Peridot Peridot jewelry can use detergent in warm water, or cleaning in neutral solution. Avoid corrosive chemicals because they damage the surface of the gem and destroy the gloss. If it is dirty, soak the jewelry in the detergent solution for 10 to 20 minutes, then scrub it gently with a soft brush, then rinse it with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth before holding it up. It is recommended that you take your jewelry to the jewelry store every year or two for professional cleaning and maintenance.         
  Note: because Peridot is relatively soft, so need Peridot jewelry and other hard stone or metal jewelry separately, and with a soft bag and then stored separately in the jewelry box, so as not to scratch or damage the surface.           Tip: don't put Peridot jewelry in ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners. They can cause stones to break.

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